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Jamie Langer

Jamie Langer

Technical Support Representative

Jamie joined the NoveList team in early 2017 as a Technical Support Representative, coming off of working at her grad school's Technology Help Desk. She earned her Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016 and moved down to Raleigh shortly thereafter. Her certification is in public youth services with a special interest in diverse literature initiatives and collections, but with her experience serving the tech support needs of librarians, she can also tell you how to get into an online classroom and show you why your file isn't loading in a pinch.

Jamie's book preferences tend to lean toward the sci-fi/fantasy side, while carefully dodging all of the pitfalls and cliches that come with the genre. Diverse casts, cosmic horror, and robots are a major plus. She also loves graphic novels and nonfiction books about pop culture. Aside from reading she enjoys doing her own writing, listening to anything from viking metal to embarrassingly cheesy 80s pop, telling her cat how much of a problem child he is (but she loves him all the same), and catching up with as many Dungeons & Dragons themed podcasts as possible.

Jamie's Recommended Reads: