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Kim Burton

Book Squad Profile: Kimberly Burton
Librariatrix, Folk horror fan, Artist/Maker, Medieval maven

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Okay, I confess: I stole my first library book . I was six, it was about dinosaurs, and the pictures were glorious -- plus, I swear Mom never explained the part about having to take it back, like, ever. Anyway, I finally paid for it out of my allowance (when I was nine) and the rest is history. Books fed my early love of words and painted pictures in my mind that inspired my pursuit of drawing.

I was lucky: with few early censors, I read widely -- from Wonder Woman and Spider Man to Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes. My fixation with the power of stories led me to a career in medieval scholarship (go Beowulf!), forays into SF/Fantasy conventions, and teaching college lit and writing classes. Two factors remained constant: LIBRARIANS -- and my belief in the power of stories as shapers of our dreams, values, and identities.

And I'm still lucky: I became a librarian to help readers find the stories that inspire them to break boundaries and make connections. That's what I do as an RA specialist for adult readers at NoveList, where I oversee Adult Recommended Reads lists, Book Discussion Guides, and our genre-focused Keeping Up pages.

If you're interested, sign up for monthly emails from me with RA tips, how-tos, and other resources for either book club bests (Club Scene) or help with tricky fiction outside easily-defined "big" genres (Beyond Genre). You may also want to check out the other topics my NoveList colleagues will be writing about!

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