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Halle Eisenman

Book Squad Profile: Halle Eisenman
Pop culture enthusiast, devotee of dogs, reader of most anything (except, *shiver,* horror), eternal believer that everything will be okay

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When I was in second or third grade, a teacher asked my parents what they did to encourage my love of reading because she had rarely seen such an avid reader. Their response? “We don’t do anything; that’s just what she does.” And they were right -- to this day, reading is what I do. I read for entertainment, for understanding, for escape, for knowledge, and for countless other reasons, but simply put, I read because I can’t imagine any other way.

I have been lucky to find a career where I am surrounded by people who also love to read and share book suggestions. At NoveList, I lead the team that creates the content you find in NoveList, including Recommended Reads lists, Book Discussion Guides, readers’ advisory articles, and more.

As a public librarian, my favorite part of any day was discussing and recommending books to people and being part of several book clubs expanded my reading horizons immensely. I am so thrilled I can continue to share what’s new and interesting in the world of book clubs through the Club Scene newsletter. If you sign up for monthly emails from me, you’ll get how-tos, best bets, and other resources for your book club.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite books I've read this year. 

Halle's recent favorites: