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Gillian Speace

Book Squad Profile: Gillian Speace
Speed reader, beekeeper, hoyden

My mother always said: “never accept unpaid work, unless God or the criminal justice system tells you otherwise.”

And while she’s a wise woman whose advice is worth heeding, I’d probably make an exception for NoveList. Why? Because I get to read, recommend, and write about books all day, every day.

It’s what I’d be doing anyway. It’s also why, in my spare time, I have served on ALA-RUSA’s Reading List Council and why I currently review audiobooks for Booklist, among other bibliocentric pursuits.

I’m looking forward to serving as your guide through Engaging Adult Readers (sign up for it here) as we brave the elements of story and navigate the ever-shifting, constantly evolving terrain of adult fiction.

Gillian's Selections: