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Autumn Winters

Book Squad Profile: Autumn Winters
Teen advocate, pop culture fanatic, loves scares and jokes in equal measure

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Prior to joining NoveList, I spent twelve years serving teens and adults at the public library. These days, I curate the Recommended Reads lists for people under 18 and edit the Author Read-alikes for adults.

I love helping readers find books that reflect their lived experiences and interests, whatever they may be. I'm looking forward to the day when the class of 2017 starts publishing books that will surely be as diverse, innovative, and community-minded as they are.

I have a soft spot for gritty YA, memoirs, and African American authors. Convoluted plotlines are not my thing. I prefer to read the same story over and over again: 'how I grew up'.

When I'm not reading, I like travelling to cold cities in the winter, grocery shopping, and hanging out with cats.

Follow my musings in these Book Squad groups: Diverse Reading, KidLit Connections, School KidLit, and TeenLit Connections.

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