July 17, 2019

Romance Starter Pack

If you are new to the genre or just want a quick hit on what’s popular in romance, these five titles will get you started. They are well-reviewed, will appeal to a wide variety of readers, and are either stand-alone titles or the first in a series. Happy reading!

May 24, 2019

Fantasy Starter Pack

LibraryReads and NoveList are continuing our series of webinars to provide you with basic backgrounds on various genres such as science fiction, mysteries, and most recently, fantasy. These titles are all well-reviewed, will appeal to most readers, and are either a stand-alone title or the first in a series. Enjoy!

March 19, 2019

Where should I start with crime, mysteries, and thrillers?

Lynn Lobash and I are your hosts for Crash Course in Crime, Mysteries, and Thrillers. If you’re new this genre, we want to help you get started, so we’ve put together a starter pack -- these titles are all well-reviewed, will appeal to most readers, are either a stand-alone title or the first in a series. And all of them are also available on audio. 

February 4, 2019

Innovation week: A deep dive into making our recommendations better

We decided to begin 2019 with one of our favorite topics – recommendations! Recommendations are at the heart of readers’ advisory – what books have changed people’s lives, or swallowed their consciousness for a while as they lost themselves to a new universe, or – as Marie Kondo might say – sparked joy? What can we do to help people find either more of the same or the next new thing that will resonate with them? All of this is, for us, through the lens of what we can do to help you (librarians working directly with the public) answer these questions.

January 29, 2019

Black girls read, too

There are many stereotypes that perpetuate the idea that black children don’t read. They aren’t exposed to reading at early ages compared to children from other races, and therefore perform at lower rates in school. However, it’s not just that black children aren’t reading, they just aren’t reading enough books that reflect them. I recently finished reading Well-Read Black Girl by Glory Edim. This book prompted me to reflect on my own reading journey growing up and how my diverse reading background has affected my views.

May 18, 2018

Five ways to get started with email

Email is one of the most effective ways for a library to connect with the larger community -- if you want to get started, or just get some new ideas for your email campaigns, we have some resources you won't want to miss. 

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