October 9, 2020

Introducing the new NoveList website

I’m excited to announce that NoveList is launching a new website on Monday.  We love it and think you will too. It’s bright, crisp, and easy to navigate. Let me show you around. 

May 27, 2020

New genre in NoveList: Manga to anime!

Introducing our new genre to help anime and manga fans find their way to the latest chapter: “Manga to anime!” 

February 17, 2020

LibraryAware Users Speak: Finding your perfect template

Recently our senior product manager Jenny, shared some of the feedback we received in our annual LibraryAware survey. One thing we heard loud and clear was your desire to find the templates you need just when you want them.

February 10, 2020

New theme in NoveList: Wartime Crime

The mystery genre is massive. For all that we don’t want crime to affect us personally, it sure is fun to read about! And mystery writers help keep that passion alive in many ways. So how can this vast number of books be navigated? At NoveList, we offer an array of mystery genres – from Cozy mysteries where the crime stays behind closed doors, to Fantasy mysteries that take place in other worlds entirely, to Police procedurals that focus on the minutiae of the investigation. 

January 23, 2020

LibraryAware Users Speak; We Listen

We wrapped up our second annual LibraryAware user survey late last year and have been reading and processing all of your wonderful feedback.  Each year’s survey is one way to help us understand how you’re using LibraryAware and what you need it to do, what you love about it, and some key areas where you’d like us to make changes as LibraryAware evolves.

January 15, 2020

New Year, New Crash Course Webinars

We had so much fun partnering with LibraryReads last year on the Crash Course webinar series that we are doing it again in 2020! We are very excited to announce that our collaboration will continue with new genres & new presenters. However, we will still cover many of the same elements —why readers love the genre, tips for talking to fans, essential books to know about and recommend, information regarding trends and cross-over titles, and unlocking the secrets to the genre through appeal terms, subgenres, relevant themes, and more.

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