May 21, 2019

Your summer reading master list, 2019 edition

Every year, we put together a “master list” of our best resources to help you survive whatever the summer reading season throws your way. Since we’re always adding fresh content and helpful resources to help make your daily librarian-ing easier, we’ve updated our summer reading master list:

Need inspiration for a book display? Fresh ideas for programming? Something that will make your patrons think you hung the moon and stars?

The CSLP theme for 2019 is "A Universe of Stories" — and we are over the moon! We want to help you show your readers what a STAR you are with some of these practical tips and ideas:

  • Search strategies: For all kinds of queries.
  • The Secret Language of Books: A guide to Story Elements: The 2019 expanded edition is now available! Download your copy and brush up on your appeals, genre, and themes skills.
  • NoveList and LibraryAware YouTube channels: Not sure how to best find something in NoveList? Maybe you want a few quick tips for creating that flyer in LibraryAware? Explore our channels!
  • The Book Squad: Sign up to receive emails from the Book Squad and start getting all the tips, ideas, and inspiration you need not just for summer reading, but all year round. #SquadGoals

Super-secret bonus tip: Want to quickly find content related to summer reading inside NoveList? Type A Universe of Stories into the search bar and select “Lists & Articles.”

Your summer reading services deserve stellar promotion.

Happy summer, and HAPPY READING!

Molly Wyand is a Communications Specialist at NoveList. 

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