April 23, 2018

Your summer reading master list, 2018 edition

Last year, we put together a “master list” of our best resources for helping you survive whatever the summer reading season throws your way. Since we’re constantly adding fresh content and helpful resources to help make your daily librarian-ing easier, we thought our summer reading master list deserved an update!

Read like a rock star

Need book display ideas? Inspiration for programming? Something that will make you think, “Hmm…we can do this!”

Learn like a rock star

The CSLP theme for 2018 is Libraries Rock! -- we couldn’t agree more! We want to help you show your readers what rock stars you are with some of these practical tips and ideas.

  • Search strategies: for all kinds of queries.
  • Finding diverse books: readers want characters they can see themselves in.
  • Brush up on genre: you may not be an expert in each and every genre, but these resources can make it look like you are!
  • Brush up on appeal: guide young readers towards books that not only meet their school requirements, but actually appeal to them.
  • NoveList and LibraryAware YouTube channels: Not sure how to best find something in NoveList? Maybe you want a few quick tips for creating that flyer in LibraryAware?
  • The Book Squad: Sign up to receive emails from the Book Squad and start getting all the tips, ideas, and inspiration you need not just for summer reading, but for all year round. #SquadGoals

Super secret bonus tip: Want to quickly find content related to summer reading inside NoveList? Type “Libraries Rock!” into the search bar and select “Lists & Articles.” (Note the capital L and R).

Promote like a rock star

Your excellent summer reading services deserve excellent promotion.

  • Summer reading templates in LibraryAware: Get the word out about your summer reading programs with the multitude of items in LibraryAware designed around the CSLP theme. Find this year’s templates by searching “libraries rock.”

  • Connecting with email: make sure your community actually knows about everything their library offers, over the summer and beyond.
  • Promote your reader services: well what do you know! We have a whole section on our website dedicated to ideas for promoting your reader services.

Happy summer, and HAPPY READING!

Cassi Hall is the Communications Specialist at NoveList.

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