January 11, 2018

Your 2018 NoveList checklist

We’re thrilled you’re using NoveList products, and more than that, we want to make sure our products continue to help *you* help readers. Question: are you getting full value for your subscription? We have some tips to help! Consider this your 2018 NoveList checklist. 

Make it easy for your patrons to find NoveList. They can’t use something if they don’t know it exists! Whether that means moving the link to NoveList to a more visible place on your website or sharing how to access it in your communications, convey its value-add by labeling it something that makes the payoff clear, like “Find your next great read.” We gathered best practices ideas here.

Help staff learn how to use NoveList. No matter their level of knowledge, available time, or how they like to learn, we have resources that can help. There’s something for every learner, whether participating in a group meeting or staff taking advantage of a slow time on the desk. (Hint: Our YouTube tutorials are close captioned.)

Fine tune your settings. Did you know you can link from NoveList to your library’s catalog? Or that you can set up local holdings? Our launch guides are chock full of information like this. Check and make sure your NoveList products are set up the way you like them. And if you need some assistance don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help!

Come to our webinars. We offer regular, free webinars on a variety of topics valuable to anyone working in a public library. Get ideas, connect with other librarians, and learn more about readers’ advisory. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on our blog to learn about upcoming webinars.

Subscribe to our newsletters then share them with your patrons. We have short, fun-to-read newsletters packed with pertinent suggestions for using NoveList products better. Interested? Sign up!

Take advantage of folders. Once you find the good stuff in NoveList, stash it to use later. Folders are powerful, and some of the ways you can use them might surprise you! 

Stay up-to-date with all things NoveList by making sure you're subscribed to one (or all!) of our newsletters. There's something for everyone!  

Kathy Stewart is a NoveList Consultant. 

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