March 11, 2016

You can too! Making flyers in LibraryAware

So, you’ve got LibraryAware and just started making flyers.That’s great!  Flyers are just the start of a long list of fabulous materials you can make for your library in LibraryAware. Let me share this story of someone who started out just like you.

Hi Deborah!

Meet Deborah Kinirons, Reference Librarian at Gold Coast Public Library in Glen Head, New York.

Like you, she’s busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to design materials. That’s one reason why she switched from Publisher to LibraryAware. 

“Materials turn out better in LibraryAware than in Publisher -- they’re more professional, there are way more templates, there are pictures and graphics specifically for libraries, and it’s easy to link to our catalog,” said Deborah. “I don't think I'd ever make a flyer that's not made in LibraryAware. They just come out so much better!"

Now, I don’t want to overwhelm you, but Deborah has discovered a whole lot more that’s easy to make in LibraryAware. An easy next step after you learn how to make a flyer is to post it to social media. Don’t believe me? Ask Deborah.

“Each week I create a flyer with new fiction books coming out that week and share it on Facebook. It’s super easy with LibraryAware.” See how great her posts look on Facebook and watch your inbox in April for tips and trainings on using LibraryAware on social media. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is!  (If you’re not getting our “Hello” messages each month, let me know.)

Flyer of new books posted to Gold Coast Public Library
Flyer of new books posted to Gold Coast Public Library's Facebook page

An e-blast promoting all the great programs for kids at the library
An e-blast promoting all the great programs for kids at the library


Once you’ve learned how to make flyers, sending an e-blast is easy.  Deborah started a monthly e-mail that her local school sends to parents, making them aware of library programs for their children. The school likes sharing the resources with families and the library is able to reach parents who might not yet be library customers. Don’t worry, we’ll cover how to send e-blasts soon, so stay tuned!  

What else can you make in LibraryAware once you’ve got flyers under your belt? “The reading list templates are easy to customize,” she said.  “The format is there already and I can pull content in from the NextReads newsletter. I just change a few books if needed, and I'm done!” Want to know how to do this? Check out our two sessions on NextReads Newsletters.

Next up for Deborah? Materials for Adult Summer Reading, made in LibraryAware of course.  Watch for our new Summer Reading templates for flyers, bookmarks and more coming out soon! In the meantime, check out the new templates we’re adding all the time—you can see samples of new templates in action on our Pinterest board. And keep an eye on your inbox for tips, inspiration and links to specialized training every month to help you build on the basics. You’ll meet other customers like Deborah who started at the very beginning just like you. Tell me your LibraryAware success story and maybe you’ll be featured in the future!

Kathy Lussier is Community Coordinator for LibraryAware. She’s ready to help you integrate your library's marketing strategies into LibraryAware for maximum results. Want to connect? Drop her an email.   

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