October 19, 2016

Wish I’d known… From folders to bibliographies

As I wrote about in my previous Wish I’d Known installment, I’ve been working at NoveList for a couple of months and keep bumping across features that I wish I’d known about when I worked at a public library. In my previous post, I wrote about the power of NoveList folders and I promised that the fourth thing you can do with personal folders was exciting -- so exciting that I made you wait until this post to learn about it.

Punchline: Did you know that you can create a bibliography in LibraryAware using books stashed in a NoveList personal folder? My library subscribed to both NoveList and LibraryAware and I hadn’t known they worked together in such a timesaving way.

Remember in the previous post about folders, when I talked about how I would have created a search alert for Downton Abbey-related books, which would have made the process of building a pull list for a Downton Abbey display much easier? The next step is using that pull list to create a bibliography in LibraryAware.

Here is an example:

Downton Abbey

Because bibliographies take time (find the books, find images of the covers, write annotations, format the whole thing, etc), I didn’t usually make any for displays. But personal folders would have saved me from the work of creating the pull list, and LibraryAware would have saved me the time of finding the covers, adding annotations, and formatting.

If I had known it was this easy, I would have made bibliographies all the time. Dangerous Nature display? Bibliography. Revolutionary books? Bibliography. Constitution display that I did every year for the Daughters of American Revolution? Bibliography. Diaries and Letters? Bibliography. Myths and Legends? Bibliography. Sophomore efforts?

You get the idea.

Want to know how this works? Check out this short, captioned (for those of you working the reference desk) video on importing book lists to create bibliographies.

Jennifer Lohmann is a Sales and Marketing Specialist at NoveList.


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