October 5, 2016

Wish I’d known… About the power of personal folders in NoveList

I’ve been working at NoveList for a little over two months now and I’m still bumping across features that make me go, “I wish I’d known this when I was working in a public library!” A similar outburst from me got us over at NoveList World Headquarters thinking, “You know, instead of sending emails to former coworkers every time we run across something cool that we wish we had known, we should do a blog series.”

As my kickoff, let me say that I wish that I had better understood the power of NoveList’s personal folders.

You know that clicking on the little folder icon in any NoveList record will save the item to a folder, right?

Add to folders

From that folder, you can print or email any NoveList content (think list of books, or an article!). The possibilities are endless, particularly for helping those readers who are in a hurry. You can put one book in their hands, then email them a list of more suggestions. Or make a list of reading suggestions and print it out for an eager reader.

But, wait… there’s more! Creating a personal account in NoveList and using those folders means you can do more for your readers -- and more for your library.

For fun, I'm going to imagine I could go back in time to a Tuesday night on the reference desk. Here are some things that I would have done with personal folders.

First, I would have created a personal account. In NoveList, click “sign in” in the upper right.

Second, I would have used the custom folders available in personal accounts to make pull lists for displays. Like you, I was often thinking several displays ahead, so I would have created several custom folders -- one for each display idea -- and stashed appropriate books away over time. This would have been a great way for me to make sure my library had enough books to fill the “Dangerous Nature” display I liked so much, especially since our deep metadata makes searching for those books in NoveList much easier than in my library catalog. Email support if you want to turn on a setting that will display what items are in your collection.

Third, I would have set up a search alert for topics I thought might be ready to explode in publishing, and get notified when new books were added. This would have been especially useful right after Downton Abbey came out. At the time, my library didn’t own enough books for a display. But I thought Downton Abbey would take off and it wouldn’t be long before pre-WWI and WWI books exploded. Setting up a search would have meant that NoveList would have alerted me to new books automatically. What a time saver that would have been!

The fourth thing I would have done is even more exciting. But that will have to wait until the next installment of “Wish I’d Known.”

Jennifer Lohmann is a Sales and Marketing Specialist at NoveList.


Comment from Grace on October 13, 2016

Hi! Love this idea and want to use it, but the first link you posted isn’t working. Can you fix? I’d love to create these and use in the public library I work in!

Comment from Cassi Hall on October 13, 2016

Hi Grace, thanks for letting us know about the link! It is fixed and should direct you to the correct help page now.

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