March 24, 2020

Want access to more ebooks? Join the network!

The idea of online access to more ebooks is a compelling one, especially now. In short order, we’ve experienced the introduction of COVID-19 into our vocabularies and also experienced our lives changing dramatically. 

It’s encouraging to remember that libraries have many digital services to offer patrons, particularly now that they will be searching for information from home as they practice social distancing. 

We’re pleased to announce that a new partnership between the Linked Library Service and the Internet Archive (a digital library whose mission is to provide “universal access to all knowledge”) is even more encouraging because it’s all about volume and access. One of the projects the Internet Archive is undertaking is the Open Libraries, with over two million ebooks as part of its digital library.

What this can mean for you: newly homebound patrons will be able to more easily find and access the ebooks they need and want.

How it works is straightforward: when libraries subscribe to the Linked Library Service, your collection is analyzed for overlap with the Open Libraries’ digital holdings. Matching books are provided digitally (for free!) to patrons. These huge holdings are available to be read in a browser or downloaded for reading offline. 

Now more than ever, all readers will benefit from increased access to a broad range of materials that you have helped to make available. Win-win.

Learn more about how your library can increase its holdings through the Linked Library Service. 

Kathy Stewart is a NoveList Consultant. She’s currently distracting herself from COVID-19 by reading The Astonishing Life of August March by Aaron Jackson.


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