December 5, 2017

Use lists in NoveList to connect with current events

Recently, my colleague Kathy Stewart, came back from visiting a library with the question posed to her: Is there an easy way for libraries to link their resources to current events? As often happens with problems like these, fate prods an answer into view. In this case, I came across the Boston University blog where they talk about the news and use linked data to highlight relevant resources in their library catalog. For example, check out this post on North Korea.

Public Libraries can do this with their linked data, too. Public libraries also have an advantage -- that they can include books for all ages in their posts. NoveList Select enrichment, including recommended reads lists, provide a great source of content for libraries looking to connect the books on their shelves to the world outside their doors.

Looking for ideas?

My Facebook feed and many of the news sites I check on a regular basis are full of news about net neutrality. Like most people, I don’t know a lot about the history of the World Wide Web, but I know my local public library has books on it. The NoveList genre “Science Writing – Computers, the Internet, and Technology” would be a great thing to share to a library’s Facebook feed or post on a library blog encouraging people to do their own research. 

If there’s a discussion in your community about bullying in schools, NoveList has a list of recommended children’s books on Bullies and Bullying. This list would be a great thing to share on a website, especially as parents and teachers will be searching for ways to talk with their children, answer questions, and encourage children to report bullying. 

 The release of John Green’s newest book, Turtles All the Way Down, the reports connecting cell phone use to teen depression, and the call for #ownvoices books would all be a great place to post a carousel of the NoveList Recommended Reading List “Own Voices: Realistic Fiction for teens.”

News doesn’t have to be bad. I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting to see the wedding dress Meghan Markle picks out. Share a list of recommended romantic comedies, historical fiction featuring royalty, or books about the House of Windsor.  


This is only a small list of suggestions for you. I’m sure there’s plenty in both national and local news that your library has good, factual, and relevant books about which your community would be interested in reading. Let Kathy or I know if you’re looking for ideas. We’re happy to help you. Also, we regularly include ideas and examples in our newsletter, so make sure you’re signed up for that!

Jennifer Lohmann is a NoveList Consultant. 


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