October 16, 2018

Top 5 ways to promote NoveList Select for Catalog to your patrons

Have you seen the newest version of NoveList Select yet? If not, hop on over to our product release information to see cool new features like the Story Mixer and interactive read-alike information. Then come back because we have ideas on how to promote all this great book discovery information to your patrons.


1. Tell your staff about the updated NoveList content available in your catalog. You know your staff are your single best resource for getting information about services and upcoming programs to your patrons. But they can’t talk about what they don’t know about!

2. Include NoveList Select and your catalog in your tech petting zoos. Libraries have access to all kinds of cool new technology and (even better) let their community have access to it too. Your catalog is one of those cool technology tools! Okay, so it feels *so twenty years ago* because it’s not actually cards and hasn’t been for ages, but all your stuff is in there! Including librarian-created reading recommendations your patrons can get from home. At 1 a.m. In their pajamas. And, let’s be honest, how many of your patrons (and staff) use the robustness of your catalog to its fullest extent? How amazed would they be if they realized all it could do.

2a. Encourage people to ask about using the catalog when talking to staff at a service point. If your tech petting zoo is the San Diego Zoo, this is more like the Jerome (Idaho) County Fair. It’s not as big, but your patrons can get more personal attention and ask more questions. I’ve been to both the San Diego Zoo and the Jerome County Fair and I got to pet more animals at the fair.

3. Show the reading recommendations each time you show your catalog to a patron. When you’re in the stacks and looking up where a book is for a patron, it’s easy to look at the call number and take a patron there. Easy and fast -- I know. I’ve been there. But if you take the extra 30 seconds to show them the reading recommendations they can find, they’ll get to take home a book AND the extra knowledge of how to find more just like it.

4. Add Select to one of your promotions on your library’s homepage. My previous library always put up a carousel to let people know when we got a new resource patrons could use, like Flipster or LearningExpress. That new, interactive story elements widget in NoveList Select is something your patrons will want to know about, and your homepage is a great place to tell them. For the GenXers in your library, refer them to the library mix tape and see how many people smile at the reference.

5. Use the NoveList Select Launch Guides. This one’s a bit of a cheater tip because there are so many more tips in the launch guides for you to use and all of them will help you make the most out of your NoveList Select for the Catalog subscription -- and help your patrons make the most out of it too.

Bonus tip for our LibraryAware customers: Have you seen the new NoveList promotional kits in LibraryAware yet? These were tailormade to promote your readers’ advisory services, including NoveList and NoveList Select.

With the cool new interface and all these promotional ideas floating around, if you haven’t upgraded to the newest version of NoveList Select, what are you waiting for?

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