July 22, 2019

Search alerts turn Stranger Things into readers’ advisory

Harnessing what else is going on in your readers’ lives can make for effective readers’ advisory. Some readers make it easy by asking their favorite librarian — you — about a book they might have heard about during an NPR driveway moment or while watching their fave news show. The newly added media mentions metadata helps you keep up with these books they’ll want on a regular basis.

But what about those mega-hit shows like Stranger Things? Take advantage of that binge-watching you KNOW is happening with your readers! What better way to do that than being proactive and finding books with the same appeal factors as the 80s-fueled show? Once you do, you’re set, having fodder for book displays, annotated lists, social media posts. 

Feeling out of the loop? Even if Stranger Things isn’t your jam, NoveList librarians have your back, pulling out appeal factors and suggesting books the characters might read so you can feel comfortable without having to binge-watch.

So what are some of those characteristics that make Stranger Things irresistible as this summer’s binge-watch? Themes like TH Don’t go in there! and TH creature feature make it easy to identify a ton of books sure to speak to a variety of readers. You’ll find a complete list of NoveList themes from the horror genre. Start there to target the kind of search alert you’d like to create.

For a list of books with a broad reach, try combining genre with theme: GN horror AND TH childhood trauma. Our short step-by-step tutorial makes it easy to set up a search alert identifying when NoveList adds books that meet your search criteria. You’ll find how-to info on the gold toolbar at the NoveList home page:


Once you’ve identified on-point books, stash them in a NoveList folder so you can access them whenever needed, for creating (then refreshing!) your book displays, annotated lists or social media posts. 

As you’re knocking out those search alerts, know that our librarians are also tuned to more serious fare.  Did you know that Chernobyl was the highest-rated series in history on IMDb?  NoveList librarians created a Recommended Reads book list, For Fans of Chernobyl. Find it in NoveList by searching UI 448796. (Psst: there’s also a For Fans of Stranger Things list — search UI 444377). 

Until the next show…

Kathy Stewart is a Sales & Marketing Specialist for NoveList. She is currently reading With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. 


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