July 24, 2019

Romance webinar follow-up resources

If you enjoyed the Crash Course in Romance webinar and want to know more, NoveList has many resources for you! 

  • Webinar panelist and NoveList star Halle Eisenman has developed a Romance Starter Pack to help those who are brand new to the genre or old pros who need a quick refresher on what’s new and popular. 
  • We’ve created several romance-centered Subgenre Specials such as paranormal romances and romantic comedies. Search for “Subgenre Special” (include quotation marks) to see the complete list. Is there a subgenre that you could use some help with? Let us know! It could become the next featured subgenre.
  • Last but certainly not least, there's our recently updated romance genre outline. This general overview provides staff a place to start, not just defining the genre but giving key author and titles. Type Getting Up to Speed in Romance in the search box and click on the lists and articles tab.

Tips for finding more

I'm in NoveList all the time, so I'm a search monster. I've found that the best way to begin is with a general search and then use the Refine Results tools to narrow the results.

Search for GN romances then click on the Lists and Articles tab. 
Every piece of content with a romance tag appears on this list.

This is when I use the Refine Results tools. I like to narrow my results even more with the Refine Results tools. I limit by reading level as I work with adult materials. Then I scroll to the bottom to choose a publication type. 


These articles and search tips will go a long way towards helping you find what you need in NoveList for your romance readers. And if you couldn't attend the romance webinar, have no fear. We recorded it for you. 

Looking for a printable list with search tips and strategies? Find the right romance here

Krista Biggs is a Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList. 


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