December 17, 2018

Resolve to make social posts easier in 2019

Finding relevant content for your social channels can be a challenge. LibraryAware makes things easy with “ready-to-post” items *and* a quick way to schedule them now for the year ahead. A little effort today will make your job easier in 2019.

Here’s how to do it in 4 quick and easy steps.

1. Create a promotion in LibraryAware. Call it Social Media Posts - 2019 (or whatever you’d like).

2. Click "Create Item." Navigate to the Print: Drag and Drop editor and look in Flyer-Books and Flyer-Events for post-worthy materials. Save the items you like, especially signs for holiday closings (you already know you’ll be closed next year on Christmas, right?). 

3. Schedule the posts. Click once on the item name, select "Post to Facebook" (or Twitter or Pinterest). Engage readers by posing a question like “What do you think?” or asking people to vote for their fave book from the list you post. Edit the link if you want people to go to a registration page or directly to a book or your catalog. Post it now or schedule it for later. Schedule as much as you can for as far ahead as you can. Set it and forget it—almost. It’s a good practice to review your scheduled posts frequently, but especially when a serious or upsetting event is making headlines. You don’t want a humorous post to pop up on the heels of tragic news.

4. See what’s scheduled. Go to your promotion, then "View Promotion/Schedule." You can filter by channel, view what’s been posted, and make changes to your scheduled posts if needed.

If your LibraryAware account isn’t connected yet to your social channels, it’s easy to do. Want to know how many clicks your posts are getting? Head to the Reports tab then "Promotions Overview" and click on the social channel’s tab. You can sort by who created it and the timeframe. You can even download it to a spreadsheet! 

Here are few ideas to get you started:

Kathy Lussier is the Customer Engagement Coordinator for LibraryAware.

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