December 14, 2017

Remembering our colleague and friend, Amy Morgan

Written by:
Renee Young


NoveList announces with great sadness the passing of metadata librarian Amy Morgan. Following a brief but serious illness, she died at the age of 33. Our hearts are with her family and her friends.

Amy was a quiet but forceful presence and in her eight years at NoveList, she made an indelible mark on our company and her colleagues. All NoveList users have been touched by Amy through her skill as a librarian and her dedication to readers’ advisory. A lifelong reader herself, she devoted her professional life to helping libraries support and encourage reading.

Amy’s specialty of juvenile and young adult materials was also her preferred reading area and she used her specialized knowledge to ensure that materials for youth got the coverage they deserved. She was instrumental in the creation of juvenile appeal terms and continually advocated for adding and improving children’s genres in her role as the NoveList Genre Team lead. While Amy will always be remembered as a gentle spirit, she always held firm to her convictions and NoveList’s juvenile records are a testament her steadfastness. 

NoveList staff was honored to know and work with Amy over the past eight years. “Her constant striving to be better and to grow her knowledge, skill, responsibilities and contributions to our company speak loudly and clearly about the person she was,” noted NoveList founder, Duncan Smith. “Let’s remember to also celebrate and honor Amy by reflecting on not only Amy’s accomplishments and the times we shared with her but that quiet, purposeful spirit that is the essence of her.” 

In light of the tremendous contributions that Amy made to NoveList and the library community, we thought a fitting memorial to Amy would be in the form of a Little Free Library. It will be installed along the pathway at the Meridian office complex for all to enjoy and will be dedicated to Amy’s memory and love of readers’ advisory.

Renee Young is the Technical Metadata Manager at NoveList. 

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