April 26, 2016

Readers’ advisory? Yes, you can!

For me, there’s nothing better than talking about books and matching readers with books, so imagine my delight with moderating the Yes, you can: RA for everyone webcast. Your responses to registration questions we posed to you indicated that 38% of you have plans to make improvements in your RA services. You also indicated your interest in hearing more about how to get staff (from full-time to paraprofessionals  to volunteers) more comfortable in that role, and making time and hearing strategies about how to make it part of ongoing training.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap (or you can take advantage of the recording, which includes resources -- share freely!)

From the warm-up conversation ahead of the actual webinar to the Q & A, our panelists shared ideas (chat conversation proved to be a torrent of steal-able suggestions) no matter where your library fits in the continuum of readers’ advisory service.

Tammy Clausen shared information about moving the already robust readers’ advisory culture at Douglas County (CO) to the next level first by assessment, then by ensuring collaboration across departments. “Create a reading culture.”

Tom West elaborated on working with staff at the branch level to create a presence using social media and other marketing strategies. "Nurture what your staff has to offer." Read about how Tom West used LibraryAware to amp up their marketing effort.

Duncan Smith shared how to consider the types of readers in a given community and how to assess and empower staff to best help them find great books for the communities they serve. “Match readers’ needs to the talents of your staff.”

Audiobook readers’ advisory was mentioned toward the end of the webinar; here are suggestions for how to best help those discerning listeners using appeal terms along with a great printable featuring audiobooks for the whole family. Enjoy!

It’s all about keeping the readers’ advisory conversation going. Cassi Hall, our Communications Specialist, harvested your ideas from the chat; here's to finding inspiration from each other! It's all about keeping the readers' advisory conversation going.

Kathy Stewart is the Sales and Marketing Specialist at NoveList, and loves sharing information about NoveList products to help enhance your readers' advisory practices.

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