October 10, 2019

Readers’ advisory: it’s a small world

The NoveList team is super-excited about an upcoming webinar for those who work in libraries in Australia and New Zealand. Although US attendees will have a late night (no worries, we’ll record!), anyone with readers’ advisory on the brain will benefit from sharing ideas, no matter the time zone. It’s a small world, isn’t it, and so many readers’ advisory issues are universal.

Speaking of universal issues, as we’ve talked with librarians there, keeping staff up-to-speed on genres/trends, how-to- do-it-easier for programming such as book clubs or outreach and identifying authors to reflect diversity all emerged as both challenges and opportunities for library staff. Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more information about how NoveList might help with the issues we all care about.

In the meantime, another universal truth is that there can never be too many book display ideas.  Some pro tips for simple, yet genius passive readers’ advisory:

Get all staff involved. Many readers need help in the moment, and the person shelving in the stacks where they’re browsing will get the ‘ask.’ Tap into these ideas on quick ways to keep the displays stocked and the readers’ advisory convo happening among your whole team. 

Share what other patrons are reading. Ah! The lure of the books just returned. Use that reader psychology to your advantage! Make it low tech (a sticky on a book cart of returns) or amp it up a bit — doesn’t matter.  Readers will love it.

Leverage popular culture. Fandoms = readers’ advisory gold. TV tie-ins; movies from books…everyone has their fandom. All it takes is awareness and creativity, like considering what the characters from Supernatural might read (Psst: you don’t have to have watched the series to steal this idea!) NoveList power users probably already know about For Fans Of… lists, a huge display time-saver.

Utilize the NoveList home page. There’s a lot of goodness awaiting you, ripe for a display.  From Recommended Reads (Just for Laughs; Made into Movies; Book Club Best Bets) to Award winners (Regional awards to genre-based awards), there’s something for every readers’ taste. Lists make it easy to share ideas with branch colleagues and also offer a well from which to replenish a display, once created.

Want to learn more about NoveList? Sign up for a demo!

Kathy Stewart is currently reading The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, which would fit nicely into a display of long-awaited sequels.


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