February 6, 2020

Reaching readers using books with buzz

I’m really not lazy, I’m just efficient. And if I can get multiple uses out of a single effort, I’m all in. 

That’s why I was excited to see LibraryAware templates specifically designed for use with NoveList Media Mentions. This combo is an efficiency lover’s dream! It’s also the perfect way to reach readers who might not be coming into your library to see your other readers’ advisory efforts. 

You can take results from a Media Mentions search in NoveList and with just a few more clicks, turn them into a professional-looking newsletter, a book carousel (aka book river), a resource in your catalog, and a social media post – it’s a 4 for 1 deal! Sounds amazing? It’s easy, too. Let’s start with creating your newsletter. 

4 easy steps from search alert to newsletter: 

  1. In NoveList, create a folder for your Media Mentions search alert results. 

  2. Create your alert by selecting “Advanced Search” on the home page. Scroll down to “Limit your results” and enter the search date range. Select “Includes media mentions,” and any other limiters based on what you want to include in your newsletter: all results, sections for fiction and nonfiction, sections for each age group — you get the idea. Click “search” and save your results to your media mentions folder. 

  3. In LibraryAware, create a newsletter following the steps for using results from your search alert. Be sure to choose one of our new templates specifically designed for use with media mentions.  

  4. When you’re ready to publish your newsletter, click the annotation and convert it to rich text using the pencil icon. Save it, and you’re done! 

Want to do more with your newsletter?

Use it to create a book carousel (aka book river) for your website, add it to your catalog with NoveList Select, and share it on social (books with media buzz are always a hit on social). 

Pro tip: When posting to social, use one of our ready-to-go LibraryAware Media Mentions widgets and edit the link so it’s the “view online” URL for your newsletter, instead of posting the newsletter itself. It will grab attention in a social feed and require less scrolling.

Ready to be more efficient in reaching readers? 

LibraryAware can help you make visual NoveList’s expertise so you can reach readers in the way your patrons want, where they want: in your library, on your website, via email, and in your catalog. Want to see what we mean? Ask us!  

Kathy Lussier is the Engagement Manager for NoveList. She is currently reading The Creativity Project: An Awesometastic Story Collection, edited by Colby Sharp. 


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