June 11, 2018

Product release: Introducing our latest version of NoveList Select

Since a customer first called the NoveList office and asked, “NoveList’s recommendations are great. Can we get them in our catalog?” NoveList Select for Catalog has been one of our most popular and beloved products. By putting NoveList’s read-alikes, appeal information, series information, and more in your catalog, readers get the reading information you trust where they need it the most -- in your library catalog.

Coming in mid-June, the newest version brings the book information to the forefront and allows readers to interact with your catalog, mixing and matching on the appeals, genres, and themes they love to find their perfect book. Visit our help page to learn how to switch to the new version.

Mix-and-match with interactive story elements

NoveList’s curated metadata are some of our most beloved features. Having appeal information in a library catalog has always made it easier for librarians to describe a book on the fly, even if they’ve not read it. Our new interactive story mixer allows readers to make their own perfect read-alike with Novelist’s story elements. The story mixer invites your patrons to explore your catalog through the terms that matter to them and the results can be filtered to your collection.

NoveList Select Story Elements

Big, bold series information

Series readers care deeply about the next book in the series, and it’s one of the most often asked readers’ advisory questions. NoveList Select has always included complete series information, in reading order. The newest version’s series information is brighter, and readers can scroll through to find the book they want to read next. Best of all, NoveList Select’s series information includes tidbits you’ll only get from NoveList, like that “The Enemy” by Lee Child should be read later in the series, even though it’s a prequel.

series information in NoveList Select

See why immediately

Readers love “the why” statement in NoveList Select. We know because it’s one of the most often clicked on features. The newest version of NoveList Select allows readers to understand why they will love a book in fewer clicks. As always, you can trust NoveList’s professional and curated reading recommendations.

Read-alikes in NoveList Select

Connect your readers to all your readers’ advisory information

We’ve also unburied information like Goodreads reviews, library newsletters (available for LibraryAware customers), NoveList’s award information, and articles like book discussion guides. 

More info in NoveList Select

If you’re a NoveList Select for catalog customer, look for an email with information about making the switch to the newest version. You can also find more details about the upgrade and how to get it in your catalog on our help pages. Not a NoveList Select for catalog customer? Request a demo to learn more

Upgrade now button

Jennifer Lohmann is the Director of Sales and Marketing


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