March 22, 2018

Product release: Australia and New Zealand titles added to NoveList

Books by authors from Australia and New Zealand have always been a part of the NoveList collection, but in recent years we’ve stepped up our efforts to ensure libraries and readers in Australia and New Zealand have access to relevant, regional content. The NoveList Plus Collection now includes over 17,000 books by authors from Australia and New Zealand.

Improved ISBN and book jacket coverage

While we’ve always been committed to including materials relevant to Australian and New Zealand libraries in NoveList, the logistics of international business have often made this challenging. Thanks to our new partnership with ALS Library Services, we are able to improve the entire NoveList suite of products for our Oceania public library customers.

In the past, we haven’t always had access to all the relevant Australian and New Zealand ISBNs. For example, we previously might not have had the right Australian ISBN for a U.S. bestseller popular in Oceania libraries, or had access to subsequent editions for popular books by ANZ authors. Our relationship with ALS solves this problem. Because NoveList’s read-alikes match on ISBNs, customers using NoveList Select for Catalogue will see a big impact, as the readers browsing their library’s catalog will have improved coverage of the books that matter to them.

Our partnership with ALS also allows us to display book jackets for a much larger portion of our Oceania collection -- giving librarians and readers in Australia and New Zealand a more engaging, visual experience in both the NoveList databases and NoveList Select.

Find all that great ANZ content

In addition to the “behind-the-scenes” work of adding more ISBNs and book jackets, we will continue to expand our collection of bibliographic records and other content in NoveList geared towards readers in Australia and New Zealand. From expanding our collection development scope beyond review journals and bestseller lists, to tracking national and regional awards, to creating ANZ-centric Recommended Reads lists and genre headings, we strive to keep literary content relevant, timely, and robust for libraries and readers Down Under. 

Want tips on how to find some of this new data? Get a jump start on searching for Australian and New Zealander content in NoveList with a search strategy.

Show off all that great ANZ content

NoveList offers a complete readers’ advisory solution, from book discovery in your catalogue to readers’ advisory flyers, e-newsletters, and other fun book information. As part of our efforts to expand our services to our Australian and New Zealand customers, we’re adding more templates specifically for you to LibraryAware. As always, you have access to all the readers’ advisory and programming templates already available in LibraryAware, but you’ll also have access to templates for Labour Day, the Australian Heritage Festival, and other opportunities for community engagement and library programming. Keep an eye on our Pinterest page for examples of materials created especially for you and your community.

Our next step is to make sure NoveList’s unique metadata gets added to the books you care about, things like appeal, genre, subject headings, curated read-alikes and more. As you use NoveList to search for your local titles, you’ll see changes as the coverage continues to improve.

Do you have more suggestions for improving our coverage of the titles that matter to you? Send us your feedback!

Cassi Hall is the Communications Specialist at NoveList. 



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