May 10, 2016

On your mark, get set…read!

Ah, yes, it's the beginning of May, and we know that summer reading is on your mind. It's the busiest time of the year, and soon, patrons will be coming in wanting books for road trips, summer vacations on the beach, and the loooong stretch when many kids are out of school.

It's a time of anticipation and a little fear. Will we run out of Wimpy Kid books within the first week? Yes. What do we give kids who have lost their summer reading log? Have photocopies on hand. What do we give kids if we run out of prizes? Dum Dums, anyone?

In the midst of all of this library angst, the NoveList Book Squad wants to take one thing off your to-do list. We have created these fun promotional items you can print and use immediately. This year, the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is using a sports theme, which is quite timely with the Rio 2016 Olympics coming this August! We have created 3 sets of sports-theme bookmarks and annotated booklists, one for each NoveList juvenile age group: younger kids (ages 0-8), older kids (ages 9-12), and teens (ages 13+). Each set is compatible with the CLSP program.

Here's the set for older kids (and if you'd like to get the sets for younger kids and teens, make sure you're subscribed to Youth Book Squad emails!):

New sports fiction for middle graders bookmark
New sports fiction for middle graders bookmark

New sports fiction for middle graders flyer
New sports fiction for middle graders flyer



Just print off the items that matches the age group you want and use the books on the bookmark to stock the display, in addition to other sports themed books from your library's collection. Print copies of the bookmarks to stock the display and refill as needed. Stick a copy of the bookmark on each book on the display to lead your readers to other books once they finish. And don't throw them out at the end of summer; you can use them again during the Olympic games.

The Youth Book Squad is Lindsey Dunn, Autumn Winters, and Rebecca Honeycutt. Want to receive goodies like this directly in your email box? Sign up for updates from the Book Squad on the topics tailored to your needs. 

Lindsey Dunn is an Editor/Bibliographer at NoveList. She's a kidlit expert and creates resources for all the librarians out there grappling with keeping up with what books kids are reading. Want to hear more from her? Sign up for Lindsey's Book Squad email updates.

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