January 16, 2018

Our work…and our resolutions

It’s time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish at NoveList in 2018, and while we have official objectives at the individual, department, and company-wide levels, the truth is that working at NoveList is more than a job -- it’s also tied very closely to our love of books, reading, readers’ advisory, and libraries! I might be responsible for writing a set number of NextReads newsletters, but improving my writing or providing the best variety -- that’s personal.

I asked some of my colleagues what they were personally invested in -- what they resolved to do -- in 2018, and got a variety of answers:

While Amie’s excited about a metadata project to beef up access to Christian fiction in NoveList, she really wants to create a plan for adding Dark fantasy to NoveList’s extensive list of fantasy subgenres. (She would also like to catalog every novel published this year that will be shortlisted for the Nebula & Hugo awards. Unfortunately, as she says, “I’m not a mindreader...” I wish you the best in your efforts to see into the future, Amie!)

Krista wants to create content that helps explain how to actually do readers’ advisory. Not everyone has the time or opportunity to train as a readers’ advisory, but many librarians are required to do it anyway. Why not provide -- in addition to the RA content we already provide, like Genre Outlines and Author Read-Alikes -- some basic How-To’s? 

In the same vein, Kathy S. wants to help every librarian find a game-changing NoveList tip or trick they didn’t know about, to make their readers’ advisory work even better (and easier!). 

Over on the NextReads side of the house, Rebecca wants to increase coverage of early chapter books in the Kids’ Books newsletter. And I think I (and the rest of the NextReads writers) will be piggybacking on her second resolution -- to hone her one-sentence plot summary skills. Changing the way we write about the books we select definitely requires a more concise writing style, something I tend to struggle with.

And Kathy L., as one might guess since she’s our Community Coordinator for LibraryAware, wants to support any and all efforts to create content for customers and patrons in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada; the LGBTQIA community; and people on the Autism spectrum or those who care for them.

Then there are the more personal resolutions, like Suzanne’s to “share the joys and value of graphic novels with my coworkers and friends.” Notice she left out family -- she’s already converted them!

What are YOUR resolutions for the coming year? And how can we help you achieve them? Reach out to us or post your comments below. 

Shauna Griffin is the Content Strategy Manager at NoveList.

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