October 31, 2017

Newsletters we love, part 2

You’ve heard us say that our customers make some awesome newsletters. Their newsletters are so great that we hosted a webinar for them to talk about their success and have featured them on our blog. We know you’re talking newsletters, too, so if you’re looking for ideas, start with some newsletters we love.

Lennox & AddingtonCounty of Lennox & Addington Libraries newsletters

Many of our customers’ best newsletters come from the specialized needs of their community and the County of Lennox and Addington newsletters are great examples. We especially love their custom newsletter on Canadian Literature. What do we love about it?

  • Bright, beautiful header. When you open the newsletter, the logo tells you immediately that the email is from the library but the header tells you so much more! The library is about books, it’s about reading, it’s about parents and their kids, it’s about fun, it’s about community, it’s about technology - all that is communicated in a handful of images.
  • They carry that sense of fun and community through all their marketing materials. In fact, they have such a great strategy for using their pieces to get more readers into their doors and more books out of their doors that we’ve got a success story on them

Sonoma County Library's eNewsletter 

Libraries have a lot going on. Programs. Online resources. Books. More programs. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to tell your members about, especially if you’re doing one general newsletter a month. Sonoma County Library’s newsletter is a fabulous tease of all the other things available to anyone with a library card.

  • Another great header. Sonoma County Library’s header promises library card holders access to the world. As librarians and library fans, we know that this is a promise public libraries deliver on.
  • Links back to the library. Rather than try to tell patrons about all of their events in one newsletter, Sonoma County Library includes lot of (big) links back to their website and online calendar.
  • The close, which says everything a library card holder needs to know.  

 Barrington Area Library Book Club News

Book clubs matter, both for libraries and for their communities. They are a great way to connect your readers to the library, to books, and to each other. Barrington Area Library’s (BAL) book club newsletter places the library front and center as a resource for book club, whether run by the library or not. Besides the topic, what makes this newsletter so great?

  • The newsletter solves a patron problem. Book clubs are fun, but can be taxing to run. Having run several *coughcough* book clubs, my challenges were finding good books and finding book discussion questions. BAL’s newsletter give solutions to those problems.
  • It’s inviting. Each section in the newsletter encourages feedback, from suggesting books for the collection to requesting specific book club kits.
  • It’s personal. Not only does the newsletter invite feedback, but Liz writes the newsletter and she encourages feedback. Much like staff picks, library patrons love knowing their librarian is helping them.

Looking for more newsletter ideas? We’ve got a couple more webinars on newsletters: Library Newsletters Made Easy(ier) and Shoot Me an Email, Library-Style. And we’d love to hear what newsletters your library is creating. We might feature them on a blog post.

Want to know more about LibraryAware and all the things your library can create in it?

Jennifer Lohmann is a NoveList Consultant.

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