November 29, 2016

New subject heading for postwar life

When it comes to subject headings in which we use terms to describe the ideas and topics contained in the title, we here at NoveList have the perfect situation. Not only can we use the high-quality headings created and maintained by the Library of Congress, but we also have a team that meets regularly to discuss possible tweaks we can make to LC’s headings or headings we can create to fit the needs of our users. (See Gillian’s post “New and Improved Subject Headings: Relationships”.) 

After cataloging many books which dealt with the aftermath of war on people or communities, we created a subject heading for “Postwar life.” While the Library of Congress has subject headings for Postwar reconstruction and Reconstruction (for several different wars), these headings are meant to represent a government’s involvement in rebuilding after the destruction of war. However, LC lacks a heading to get at the individual’s, family’s, or community’s process of rebuilding their lives, both physically and mentally, after their lives have been upset by war.

In August we created Postwar life to be used for titles which deal with a person, family, or community’s difficulties in coping with the consequences after war, as well as the positive and/or mundane changes to everyday life after war, whether that war is real or imaginary.

To access these titles in NoveList, do a search for the subject Postwar life:

If you are looking to narrow your search to a specific war, you can try including our new time period headings in your search. To find titles on life following World War II, you can use the following search:

Looking for a real perspective on postwar life? Try this search to find biographies and autobiographies:

Do you want titles that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading them? Try using some tone appeal:

Happy searching!

 Suzanne Temple is a Metadata Librarian at NoveList.

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