May 2, 2019

New in NoveList: Subgenre Specials

Here at NoveList, we're always thinking about what librarians need to deliver top-notch readers’ advisory to their genre fiction fans. Our existing Genre Outlines broadly survey a major genre’s key concepts, authors, and titles. But what to do when a reader’s only interest is (for example) not just romance novels, but only historical romances? Or only paranormal romances? 

Good news! We’ve come up with something new: they’re called Subgenre Specials, and they are short articles to help put you in the know about popular subgenres. Written by reading pros who are also genuine fans of that particular reading niche, Subgenre Specials deliver insights that are both enthusiastic and expert. Check out the Subgenre Special: Historical Romance for a sample. To find all of the Subgenre Specials, search in NoveList with the phrase “Subgenre Special” (include quotation marks).

Example search for Subgenre Special in NoveList

If you’re looking for a refresher on guiding all of your genre readers on their way, look no further than the NoveList Idea Center. You’ll find guides and tutorials with tips and strategies for directing your genre (and subgenre) readers to their next favorite book.  

Which subgenre stumps you? Tell us — it could become the next Subgenre Special.

Krista Biggs is a Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList.


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