December 28, 2016

Meet your domain dashboard

In our many posts about structured data, Linked Library Service, and NoveList Select for Linked Data we’ve talked about the importance of relevance, how being visible on the web transforms library outreach, and why it’s important that libraries show up to the party. Whether you have linked data or are considering linked data, you and your library staff may be asking, “But what does ‘visible’ mean?” as well as “What does visible look like?”

While those questions seem enigmatic, they boil down to something simple: How much of my library's data do Zepheira and NoveList publish to the web with their linked data services?

Finding the answer is just as simple. As Zepheira rolls out new updates to the Library.Link network, they’re also rolling out Domain Dashboards.

Looking for your dashboard? You can find them on the landing page of your Library.Link network page, like in this example from East Baton Rouge Parish. The dashboard is at the bottom, on the right.


The dashboard shows the amount and type of data from your library that has been published to the web. Because the information is updated each time your data is refreshed, you can see how the data numbers have changed over time. You can also export that information to Excel, if you wish, or print it.

Again, to use East Baton Rouge Parish Library as an example, as of December 3rd, they have published 2,470,034 access points to the web, broken down into person, work, collection, etc. The dashboard also includes information on how many resources were enriched with NoveList data. For example, in the December 3rd data refresh, NoveList enriched 74,725 person resources and 93,444 work resources with extra information, including our read-alikes, author descriptions, appeal factors, and detailed subject headings.

Even better, Zepheira provides this information visually, in a chart.

Resource summary

 The chart and domain dashboards provides an easy way to see how much more visible East Baton Rouge (and other linked data customers) are.

Publishing your data to the web makes your MARC records compatible with web crawlers and so discoverable via search engines. Search engine discovery is only the first goal in series of goals to make libraries more visible to digital natives in an increasingly digital world.

Check back to learn more about the evolving nature and exciting possibilities of linked data for libraries and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Jennifer Lohmann is a Sales and Marketing Specialist at NoveList.

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