August 21, 2017

Malice in small town Australia

The sequel to Jane Harper’s bestselling novel The Dry is coming out this September, but if you can’t wait for Force of Nature to hit the shelves, NoveList has you covered. My tips below will give you information on how to find books like The Dry. Even better -- you can adjust them to find read-alikes for any book you’re anticipating with baited breath.  

The Dry follows the story of Australian Aaron Falk, who returns to his small town home, gripped by drought and economic decline, to attend a funeral. In NoveList’s “More About This Book” tab, you’ll find information on everything from subject headings to appeal to author characteristics. You can also jump over to our Lists & Articles tab, where you’ll find links to the Australian Book Industry Awards.

The Dry

When you’re looking for similar to a personal favorite, one of the best places to start is with our Read-alikes. In the list of books on the right of a NoveList title (and author and series) record, you’ll find great recommendations. The Dry includes recommendations for mysteries set in Australia, like Bitter Wash Road by Garry Disher and Crucifixion Creek by Barry Maitland. Or strike out on your own with a precise search strategy targeting small town mysteries by Australian authors. For example:

GN mysteries AND GN australian fiction AND (SU small town* OR SU rural* OR SU farm life)

 NoveList has many ways to find books that meet your unique set of criteria. In the search above, we used field codes for genre (GN) and subject (SU). If you like precise searching like this, learn more about field code searching here, or watch this video. You can also learn more about NoveList’s genres by checking out our Guide to Genres and Book Discovery or watching our Appealing to Genre Readers webinar. And if you’re readers are particularly interested in sense of place or atmosphere, try this video on discovering books based on place and culture.

With these tools in hand, you’ll be able to help all your small town mystery readers, whether they like to stick close to home or travel into the Outback.

Christine Wells is a Metadata Librarian at NoveList.

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