February 15, 2016

Just for the Fans

Whether you're working with a Sherlock-loving teen or a middle grader who can't get enough Star Wars, NoveList is here to help. Our For Fans Of ... Recommended Reads lists take their inspiration from what's happening right now in popular culture.

For Fans Of... listsFirst, we look at the tropes and tone of movies, TV shows, and even pop stars to distill their essence. Then, we find books that contain some aspect of that essence and thus, will please the most discerning fan. For example, the books on our list For Fans Of ... Empire contain all the drama, showbiz atmosphere, and luxe life viewers have come to expect from the hit soap. For Fans Of ... Fury Road, on the other hand, features bleak, gritty post-apocalyptic dystopias with plenty of action and fierce heroines.

You can find For Fans Of ... lists under the Teen and Ages 9-12 tabs on the left side of NoveList's home screen. Or, just type For Fans Of into a keyword search and click on the Lists and Articles tab to see them all at once.

Not seeing what the kids in your library are crazy about? Just let us know what kinds of pop culture are hot in your library.

Autumn Winters is an Editor/Bibliographer at NoveList. She's a teen advocate, pop culture fanatic, and loves scares and jokes in equal measure. Want to hear more from her? Sign up for Autumn's Book Squad email updates.

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September 15, 2016

This is great! Do you have the same thing in the works for adults?

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September 16, 2016

Lisa—Thanks for asking! We have a similar type of list for adults called “If You Like…” (just type that in the search box and click on the lists and article tab), but will also pass along your suggestion that we extend “For Fans of…” to adults.


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