April 3, 2017

Introducing embedded linked data widgets

Back in December, I wrote about linked data as a Cinderella story and said that linked data allows libraries to be a modern romance heroine, kicking her skirts out of the way and introducing herself to all her community members at the party. In that post, I promised to show you some intriguing things happening to libraries’ linked data. Today, I begin making good on that promise with embed widgets, a coming-soon feature that allows libraries to post their own linked data on their website.

Okay, so what does that mean to you?

March was Women’s History Month and your library might have written a blog post about books with strong female characters and recommended some staff favorites, like L.A. Meyer’s fun Bloody Jack series or Weina Dai Randel’s The Empress of Bright Moon. With linked data and NoveList Select for Linked Data, your blog post can also include a carousel of all the books in your library collection with the character appeal term “strong female.” It’s as easy as copying and pasting code provided to you to get a carousel like this.

 April is National Poetry Month and NoveList Select not only adds appeal terms to linked data, it also adds our unique subject headings and genres (want to learn more about genres in NoveList?). We have a genre heading for “Novels in Verse,” perfect for a library blog post about poetry for non-poetry readers. 

 NoveList Select for Linked Data allows you to embed read-alikes, too. Want to write a blog post about the award-winning book, Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai? Use the embed feature to include a list of read-alikes in your catalog. 


When we talk about linked data, we often talk about direct use of data -- or, data used with intent to create something else. These embed widgets are a great example of direct use of data. They are cool to look at, but the possibility behind them is even more amazing. Linked data unlocks all the data in your library catalog, giving you and your library access to manipulate it and play with it.

Linked data allows libraries to see all of their collection data in a way that’s never been possible before, with landing pages for authors, series, subject headings and (with NoveList Select for Linked Data) appeal terms. Since it’s your library’s data, the links go directly to your library catalog. Since it’s linked data, the widgets are living, meaning when your linked data gets refreshed with new books, the widgets are refreshed with new books as well. No need to update.

Embeddable widgets are only one example of what’s possible when libraries have access to their data. What could *your* library do with access to your living data?

Want to learn more about linked data? Check out these FAQs.

Jennifer Lohmann is a NoveList Consultant. 


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