March 8, 2019

How to squeeze in NoveList training when you only have 10 minutes

We’re all busy, I get it. We have this never-ending to-do list, and no amount of prioritizing seems to make a dent. And, often, if a particular action item takes longer than 5 or 10 minutes, it’s near impossible to fit it into our busy lives. Sure, you know that you need to do the task, but how do you make the time for it?

Maybe readers’ advisory training is one of those, often neglected, tasks. It can feel daunting; it feels like it is an hours-long commitment. But it doesn’t have to be. NoveList has lots of training that can easily be tackled in just minutes — the amount of time you are waiting for the flyers for your latest book display to print.

Want something you can print to refer to later?

Take a look at our NoveList Search Strategies. These one-page printables address some of the tricky scenarios you often face with your book-loving patrons, and how you can use NoveList to help. Look for quick tips for searching for gentle reads, finding books for storytime or your book clubs, or navigating the graphic novel genre. 

Here’s a sampling:

Want a quick guided training video?

Check out our NoveList Youtube channel, which is packed with training tutorials. Most of them are 3 minutes, so you’re sure to find the time in your schedule to watch.

Want to ramp up your readers advisory with story elements? Here’s a few videos to check out:

Need help handling requests for read-alikes? The Searching for Read-alikes in NoveList tutorial will give you some guidance.

Just want some a bunch of quick tips on using NoveList for RA? Look to 5 Ways to Search NoveList or Beyond the Search Box tutorials.

Need something even shorter?

Take a look at our 10 Hidden Gems in NoveList, one bullet at a time. Each tip will take seconds, and you’re sure to pick up something new! You can also subscribe to our training newsletter to receive takeaways you can use and share with your staff.

Training doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With small doses of training, you are sure to learn tips and tricks that will make your everyday work even easier and free up some time for those other tasks on your to-do list...or give you even more time for training.

Liz Holdzkom is the Documentation and Training Specialist for NoveList. 


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