October 28, 2019

High-demand titles and authors

If you work in library youth services, you probably know the pattern already: every autumn, children’s and YA publishers trot out some of their most exciting new books or high-profile series releases, just in time for awards consideration and holiday gift-giving. It’s both thrilling and overwhelming — new kids’ books by Jason Reynolds AND Raina Telgemeier? Picture books from Sonia Sotomayor, Ibtihaj Muhammad, AND Lupita Nyong’o? A whole slew of big-name YA authors with new series installments? I need to sit down…preferably in a comfortable chair with good reading light and snacks near at hand.

Helping your patrons stay up-to-date on new releases while also navigating long library hold lists can be a delicate line to walk, but you don’t have to walk it alone. NoveList has title and author read-alikes to help tide readers over while they wait for that much-anticipated new book; Recommended Reads lists of all kinds for readers who want something completely different while they wait out the hold list; and LibraryAware flyers to keep patrons in the know — or to redirect them when they’re gazing longingly at the empty shelf space where Guts would be, if it was ever checked in. (And if your library uses On the Shelf with NoveList, you can tell right away whether a read-alike is available or not, so you don’t have to worry about disappointing the same reader twice.) 

Get out ahead of high-demand books with the flyers below, and remember: even when you’re talking to an impatient patron who rebuffs your readers’ advisory salvos, it never hurts to extend a little empathy and let them know that you, too, are eagerly waiting for this season’s new releases. 

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Rebecca Honeycutt is a Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList. After waiting impatiently on the hold list, she’s currently reading Rainbow Rowell’s Wayward Son.


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