December 11, 2019

Get cooking in the New Year with our NoveList microtrainings

Whether you’re new to NoveList or a long-time user, we’ve got five flavors of training sessions available for you in late January, packed in short, easily digestible 15-minute bites. Think of these like delectably dense energy bars to start your NoveList New Year off right — but with more tips and fewer figs!  

These trainings will be sure to whet your appetite on how you and your staff can reach patrons of all ages. We’ll walk you through our book recommendation recipes and break down our NoveList story elements. We’ll show you how to enhance your adult library programs like freshly ground pepper on your favorite pasta dish.  Everything from finding books in a series to finding books to fit every reading level. Want to learn how to keep up with the never-ending buffet of the latest and greatest books? We’ve got a training for that too. 

The trainings have been archived. Please watch a replay below: 

Find those "just-right" books 

Staying in the know about new and popular books

Story Elements: the building blocks to great readers’ advisory 

Enhancing adult library programs with NoveList 

Finding books in a series 

Jessica Lin is a Customer Engagement Specialist for NoveList. 

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Jamie Beaven
February 11, 2020

How would I access the recordings of any of these trainings?

Thanks in advance!


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