February 7, 2018

Five things you can do with search alerts

Do you use the Alerts feature in NoveList to help keep up with the content you and your readers need? Search alerts in NoveList can save time with the variety of things you do in a given day, whether it’s helping that particular reader, keeping displays stocked, or planning for storytimes!

If you’re new to search alerts, learn how to get them set up with this short tutorial.

Once you’re all set up, try some of these five ideas for alerts to help you stay on top of things without any extra work.

  1. Alert for that niche reader who loves intricately plotted mystery books set during World War II. Or any self-assured reader who knows exactly what they like to read.
  2. Alert for the latest book in a series for those devoted fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or the latest Julia Glass novel. When they come into the library to pick up the next in the series, you can have it ready and waiting.
  3. Alert for a potential book club pick. Use the search string RV “book clubs” or RV “starred review” TT “book club”  to help with choices for your book clubs or to recommend to patrons seeking ideas for titles for their own book clubs. (And don’t forget to check out all our resources for book clubs).
  4. Alert for articles about a particular genre -- Horror, in the fall; or Romance, in February. Great for finding book display fodder!
  5. Alert for storytime books with big and bold art (easily seen by a large group) that are recommended read-alouds.

What search alerts do you use, for your own reading or for your patrons? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @NoveListRA.

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Kathy Stewart is a NoveList Consultant. 

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