March 7, 2017

Finding books for Women’s History Month in NoveList

Women’s history month is an excellent time to move those nonfiction titles about women to the top of your TBR pile. None of the titles in your TBR pile calling out to be read right now? We’re here to help you discover more books!

For books about women from the past, start with our genre heading for History writing -- Women’s history.  Here you’ll find books about the social, political and economic progress of women throughout history. Have a specific women’s history topic you’re interested in? Add place or identity-based subject headings to narrow your search. Check out our tutorial and search strategy for information on how to do this, or try these examples out in the search box:

  • GN history writing women's history AND SU African American women 
  • GN history writing women's history AND SU Asia
  • GN history writing women's history AND SU mother*  
  • GN history writing women's history AND SU women soldiers 

women soldiers

If history isn’t a subject that interests you, use NoveList to find narrative nonfiction that addresses the present day. Our Society and culture genre includes several subheadings that cover race, gender, sexuality, and the social experiences of women. Try browsing under these headings:

  • GN society and culture gender women
  • GN society and culture GLBTQ
  • GN society and culture race
  • GN society and culture sex and sexuality

Like nonfiction with a more personal touch? Try our Life stories headings. The following are a great start:

  • GN life stories identity gender
  • GN life stories identity GLBTQ
  • GN life stories identity immigrants
  • GN life stories identity immigrants

You’ll find great works by and about women all throughout the Life stories heading. Looking for the autobiography of a teacher?  Try Life stories -- Scholars and educators. Titles about women who have endured war? Life stories - Facing adversity -- War and oppression. Women reflecting on family? Life stories -- Relationships. Pair these genre headings with the appropriate subject headings to narrow down your results. 

Prefer autobiographies over biographies or vice versa? You can add the search terms GN Autobiographies and memoirs or GN Biographies to your search. And if you really want to get fancy, you can limit your search to women authors on the advanced search page.

Since the theme of this year’s women’s history month (as determined by the National Women’s History Project) is Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business, check out our Business and economics heading genre, for example Business and economics -- Women and the workplace. Or for more biographical titles, try Life stories -- Business. 

Happy reading!

Christine Wells is a Metadata Librarian at NoveList.

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