November 18, 2019

Finding books and audiobooks for road trips

The holidays means time with friends and family — and traveling to see friends and family. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, let NoveList help you find the perfect read for your trip.

When my kids were little, it was a holiday tradition to listen to an audiobook together as we drove to visit their grandparents. Depending on which grandparents we visited, it was a two or eight-hour drive. With NoveList Plus, we were able to find just the right audiobook for our journey.

From the Advanced Search page, select your running time. For the long trip to grandmother’s house,  select 6-12 hours. For the shorter trip, select 0-3 hours. Click the Search button. From there you’ll have a list of audiobooks that are just the right length. 

Now it’s time to refine your search. Using the Refine Results panel on the left side of the screen, choose the appropriate audience level, whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, then limit by our story elements (genre, theme, audio characteristics, character, storyline, pace, tone, etc.). You’ll now have a list of audiobooks just right for your journey.

Want a print book to take along on your trip? NoveList has you covered there, too. Maybe your tween wants a short book to read over Thanksgiving. Head to the advanced search page on NoveList. In the right column, you will find a limiter for the number of pages where you can select a page range of say less than 200 pages.

From the results page, you will want to refine your search. 

Wishing you happy, healthy, and safe holiday travels. May the only horror be in your audiobooks! Want to learn more about how NoveList Plus can help you help your readers find the right reads for the holidays? Take a two-minute tour.

Lori Reed is the Marketing Specialist for NoveList. She is currently listening to Acid for the Children by Flea (which at 9 hours 4 minutes is perfect for a long drive).


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