December 6, 2017

Find it in NoveList: Printables

I really enjoy making the bookmarks, flyers, and posters that appear in the RA Tips emails (flexing those creativity muscles!). 

But did you know that you can also find printables in NoveList? In a recent RA Tips email, I shared exactly how

Check out the image below. All of the bookmarks and flyers live in NoveList. Some were originally used in Book Squad emails while others were created for specific NoveList articles.

Copy and paste DE printable into the search box and press enter. All of the articles on the result list include a printable book list or flyer. It's that easy to find the printables in NoveList.

Find printables in NoveList

I love these printables and am sure you will to. Try copy and pasting any of the following unique identifiers into the NoveList search box to find the articles related to the above images.

  • Animal Fantasy: UI 439775
  • Books for Pinktober and Beyond: UI 444307 (NoveList Plus only)
  • Dark Fantasy for Teens: UI 441524
  • Highland Romances: UI 433676
  • Reading in Color: UI 441083
  • The Roach Approach: UI 444018 (NoveList Plus only)


Krista Biggs is a Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList, and shares more tips and tricks of the trade in the monthly RA Tips newsletter from the Book Squad 


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