March 15, 2018

Find it in NoveList: Books that encourage creativity

Can you imagine life without music, art, theater, dance, or (gasp!) literature? I know you all value and appreciate literature (we are librarians, after all), but many people also have an interest in at least one of the arts, either as a fan or a student. While the focus on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum is important for our future generations, it is also important to remember the arts and the benefits of creativity within that framework. Creativity opens the mind to new ideas and practices which can extend into STEM topics and projects, and further extend into work and in everyday life.

Where do libraries fit in? With books, of course! There are many ways books can encourage creativity in our young ones. Whether they are interested in the creator or artist, examples of the art or creation, or how to learn that art themselves, NoveList can help you find exactly what you need to help your budding creative geniuses.

Finding books about the artists

NoveList Plus provides access to nonfiction titles and can assist in finding biographies to inspire even the youngest budding artists. To find biographies, search GX Biographies AND RL 4 (RL 8 is younger kids, RL 4 is older kids, and RL 2 is teens). For example:

Search for Biographies for Older Kids

If your patron just wants to read about the accomplishments creativity has sparked in people, search for SU Creativity AND NF Nonfiction AND RL 4.

Do you have a patron who is digging in their heels about reading nonfiction? Introduce them to Biographical fiction; after all, it is based on the life and accomplishments of a real person. Search GX Biographical fiction AND RL 8.

Finding books about the art

Some patrons won’t be interested in the creators and artists themselves, but rather what they have accomplished. Chances are your patron will tell you whether they are interested in painting, classical music, creative writing, etc. For example, search SU Creative writing AND RL 2.

You can combine the subject Creativity with a subject heading for the more specific area of the arts of interest to your patron. For example, search SU Creativity AND SU Art AND RL 8.

Finding how-to books on the art

I’m sure you will have some patrons who don’t want to read about their chosen creative endeavor -- they just want to do it! We have a subject heading for Creative activities for children and students, as well as Handicraft for children. Try searching SU Creative activities for children and students AND RL 4.

Of course, you can limit it more by pairing it with a specific craft or art, like SU Handicraft for children AND SU Music AND RL 4.

And let’s not forget our heading for How-to books. Here at NoveList, we put the heading in a genre field, so try searching GX How-to books AND SU Fashion AND RL 4.

Searching How-to books

With these search strategies, you can find the right books to get those creative juices flowing. Who knows? You may be helping the next Jackson Pollock.

Want to get more tips on searching NoveList to find just the right book for readers of any age, interest, and reading level? We have a variety of search strategies to help you tackle tough questions and match your readers with books they'll love.

Suzanne Temple is a Metadata Librarian at NoveList. 


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