November 16, 2016

Fan service: New For Fans Of… lists

We're fans of fandom here at NoveList, and know your library-goers are too! Participants in NoveList's recent webcast on using pop culture to deliver better readers' advisory services  gave a resounding "YES!" to the idea of Recommended Reads lists for Adult fans of hot movies, TV shows, and more. We heard you -- and you can check out the new Adult "For Fans Of..." Recommended Reads Lists right now in NoveList!

We created these adult lists by identifying why fans love a particular pop culture property (TV, comics, movies, and more are all fair game): What is it about the characters, atmosphere, or topics it covers that appeals to fans? Then, we build lists of books that capture those appeals. For example, USA's hit show Mr. Robot stars a brilliant young programmer turned vigilante hacker -- who may or may not be losing his mind. The For Fans of Mr. Robot Adult list delivers fast-paced, intricately plotted, tech-centric stories (with more than a few charismatic, potentially unreliable narrators) that will fascinate readers who love the show. The list For Fans of Penny Dreadful (one of my favorite recent shows) offers dark, delicious historical tales of mystery, thrills, and horror -- all oozing atmosphere, and featuring memorable characters like the ones fans love to watch in the show.

Discover all the other new Adult For Fans of Recommended Reads Lists on the homepage (and snag this printable For Fans of Gilmore Girls!)

Did we miss a fandom that's hot at among adult readers at your library right now? Let us know!

Kimberly Burton is a Reader's Advisory and genre fiction specialist for adult readers at NoveList, where she creates innovative content throughout the NoveList product suite. A librariatrix, folk horror fan, artist/maker, and medieval maven, Kim also provides RA resources via the NoveList Book Squad e-groups Club Scene and Beyond Genre. 

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