October 20, 2017

Dreaming of Dæmons

The day finally arrived -- the first volume of Philip Pullman’s long-awaited new series, The Book of Dust, published yesterday. In feverish anticipation, the members of the NoveList Book Squad spent some time having a Very Professional Librarian Conversation about dæmons. Specifically, how we imagine our own dæmons might appear, and why…

Autumn: Levitating goat 

Always hungry; Hard headed; Small but tough

Lindsey: Gray wolf 

Loyal to friends and family; Tends to initiate group activities; Intuitive

Rebecca: Kit fox 

Prefers small groups; Appreciates a cozy den; A bit pointy

Gillian: Trash cat 

*hiss*; *hiss*; *HISS*

Kim: Raccoon
Clever paws; May bite; Loves eyeliner

Shauna: Greyfaced Dartmoor Sheep
Spends a lot of time outside; Curly hair; Can’t see very well

Krista: Red fox 
Fantastic red hair and lots of it; Really…reeaaally private; Always looking ahead

Katherine: Cat 
Cuddly but sometimes prickly & highly interested in boundaries; preferred mode is napping; likes birds a lot 

Want to tell us about your own dæmon and why you chose it? Head on over to Tumblr.

Happy reading, Pullman fans!

Rebecca Honeycutt is a Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList. 

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