January 16, 2019

Cute Animals! Books!

Way back on December 10, 2018 as #libfaves18 was starting, we joked on Twitter with Gregg Winsor (@greggwinsor) that NoveList picked their #libfaves with a battle of the cutest cat pictures. It was only kinda a joke. At the time, Jen Heuer Scott and I were actually comparing cute cat pictures. (Not the first time such a thing has happened in the NoveList office.)

The kitty one-upmanship started with Jen’s adorable series of pictures of her cat, Mr. Whiskers, getting ready for their nightly storytime. I whipped my phone out and showed my favorite picture of my cat, Beatrice, looking rightly pleased with her choice of pillow. The discussion bloomed into a request to see who else at NoveList had pictures of their pets interacting with books. These pictures were too cute not to share with the wider world.

 We hope that our combination of animal adoration and book love brightens your hump day and helps you get through to Friday. Got pictures of your pets interacting with your books? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter

NoveList Pets

Mr. Whiskers the cat waiting patiently for storytime to begin

We got Mr. Whiskers (aka Misters, Whiskers) as a kitten and always included him in our evening storytime ritual during those early days. Now, as soon as he hears the boys' clock alert that it's time for bed, he runs into their room and patiently waits for us to join him. Here Mr. Whiskers enjoys my wife reading assorted Dr. Seuss. He usually stretches all the way out and falls asleep by the end, and sometimes will "put himself to bed" in one of the boys' beds if we're reading a longer book than usual. He'll also seek us out if we're late to storytime to lecture us about maintaining a proper schedule.— Jen Heuer Scott, NoveList Consultant

Beatrice the cat laying on a book

This is my husband and one of our cats, Beatrice (aka Beezors, Sneezors, Beezorstrice, and one half of a rap duo with her brother, Sneezy B and the Feast). Beatrice prefers to read through osmosis, particularly if my husband is enjoying a book. Here she is reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.—Jennifer Lohmann, Director of Sales and Marketing

Bailey the dog with his head on a book, pouting

This is Bailey. She’s pouting in this picture because I insisted that she not eat my books. She later found her satisfaction with a roll of paper towels instead.— Christine Wells, Metadata Librarian

Ripley the cat sneering at a paperback book

Ripley is always curious about whatever I’m doing that doesn’t involve showering her with affection; last holiday season, I managed to snap these pics of her looking both scandalized by and possibly suspicious of Shani Petroff’s young adult romance My New Crush Gave to Me.—Kaitlin Conner, Readers’ Advisory Librarian 

Two pictures of dogs laying on the couch next with books

Both Bug and Gus usually prefer watching *me* read (from my lap, natch) rather than doing their own reading, but when I brought home Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You by Lin-Manuel Miranda, both seemed to get into it.—Kathy Stewart, NoveList Consultant

An image of a dog with its face in a book. The next image the dog is sleeping

My dog Ollie has two modes as a reading companion: sometimes he falls asleep on me (Jane Unlimited), and so obviously I have to keep reading lest I disturb him; other times, he nudges his nose onto my book, reminding me that I can scratch his ears and turn pages at the same time (Sawkill Girls).—Rebecca Honeycutt, Readers’ Advisory Librarian 

A cat curled up next to a comic book

Here is my domestic house-creature Josh, attempting to prove there’s no cuter combination than cats and comics.—Kendal Spires, Collection Development Analyst

A picture of a kitten reading a book

Four-month-old Elvira (aka The Vicious Panther) is a new addition to our family, but she fits right in with her love of all things scary. Elvira is particularly fond of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies, and “C is for Clara who wasted away” is her favorite.—Suzanne Temple, Metadata Librarian A picture of a cat with its head in a book

This was a great day to take a picture of my pet reading. On this particular day, I worked from home because of the snow. This is a picture of my cat, Whitepaws. He’s enjoying one of his favorites, Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.—Brierley Ash, Metadata Librarian

A picture of a turtle in a book

This is Percy, the red-eared slider. Unlike most turtles, he doesn’t like to swim. He prefers to crawl around our living room or eat strawberries. When I am home, I like to sit with him on my lap while I read. He is a reluctant reader, so finding books that we both can agree on is tough. He likes reading books with a slow pace–get it…slow pace—while I like to read books that are more unconventional. When he does find a book that he likes, he likes to crawl onto the book to get a closer look for himself.— Latasha Jeter, Communications Specialist

Two pictures of cats on book shelves

Fritz and Dorothy Schimmer-Smith are diligent readers’ advisors. They want to help you pick out the best possible book, so that you will sit still long enough to share warms, run your fingers through their majestic furs, and allow them to scratch their never-ending itchy faces against the corner of your hardcover books.— Lisa Schimmer, Collection Development Coordinator

I noticed my dog Napoleon on the couch yesterday in “my” seat. Right before I went to scoot him out of the way, I saw him sitting near my Dogster magazine. I wonder if he was flipping through it when I wasn’t looking? Then there’s Rylee, my sister’s dog who hangs out with me while his mom is at work. He prefers non-fiction (Before the Ballot). And just to be fair, I’ll include a cat, Moe, whom I watched when my friend was traveling. While I was trying to read my Kindle, Moe jumped up on my lap and just had to take a peek (curiosity and cats and all) (The Dry). My friend told me Moe is still waiting to hear how the story wraps up! — Kathy Lussier, Customer Engagement Coordinator

Jennifer Lohmann is the Director of Sales and Marketing for NoveList. 

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