March 13, 2018

Come see us at PLA 2018!

Written by:
Jennifer Lohmann


Attending PLA in Philadelphia this year? Don’t forget to take time out of your schedule to stop by the ESBCO booth #537 and get some insider info on what’s new and forthcoming with NoveList.

Share your memories

You may have read the announcement about Duncan Smith and Roger Rohweder’s coming retirement. We’re sad to see them go and excited for the new phases in their lives. We all work at NoveList because the work has meaning for us and because we know it helps librarians (our favorite people, because we’re one of you) do their important work. If you have a memory of Duncan or Roger or a story of how NoveList has made your work better, let us know. Either send us a comment or stop by the ESCBO booth to share your stories.

Ask us about

NoveList Select

NoveList Select for Catalog is a favorite in the NoveList office and we know it’s a favorite for you. We’re making some changes to bring all those awesome NoveList read-alikes, appeal terms, genre headings (and the themes we’re about to introduce) more to the forefront of your patrons’ catalog experience. Our developers are hard at work to make your ideas happen and we’d love to give you a preview and get your feedback.

New metrics for your linked data

Linked data is increasingly the talk of library conference, including public library conferences. Getting your data visible on the web is important, but visibility can be hard to measure. The release of metrics for embedded and shared data tells on exciting piece of this story. Ask us to show you some examples.


We’re previewing some new, awesome themes metadata coming to NoveList and we know you’ll love it. We’ll have some cool bookmarks to handout out showing how you can use themes, appeal terms, and genre to find that perfect book for your reader. (Psst: ask us about our plans for these bookmarks to be available to you in LibraryAware.)

What are themes? These are story arcs that many books in different genres have in common and that readers can glom on to. Things like “Secret Baby” or “Marriage of Convenience” in romance novels or “Rise of the Machines” in science fiction. Themes for all ages are coming and you’re going to love them.

LibraryAware’s Drag and Drop Editor

LibraryAware’s new editor has been out since October, but some of you probably haven’t had a chance to play with it. Stop by and we’ll show you how your library can easily create flyers, posters, emails, bookmarkers (and more) to share all the cool things your library is doing with your community.

Out and About in Philly

NoveList won’t be all work and no play at PLA. We’ve got plenty to be excited about as we explore Philly’s history, food, and culture.

Our newest employee, Molly, has been to Philly several times and she’s got her favorite haunts on her list, including a burger at Village Whiskey, shepherd’s pie (and cocktails) at the Dandelion, moules frites at Parc, and the short rib ropa vieja at Alma de Cuba. As I like food, I think I’ll be following Molly around a good portion of the conference. This will be Molly’s first PLA, so be sure to stop by the EBSCO booth and welcome her.

Victoria is also on the hunt for food. In her case, she’s planning on hitting up Sang Kee Peking Duck, which she had at the last library conference she went to in Philadelphia. Since this is the first library conference she’ll have been to in a long time where she’s not serving on an awards committee, Victoria has plans to visit each and every one of the “Top Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia.” 

Neither Kathy nor Mike has been to Philly before, so they’ve got tourist sites lined up, including the Liberty Bell and the Franklin Institute. Mike has some regular must-dos for any new city: walk the downtown area, sample some local beer, and read a local paper. He had plans to go to a Flyers game and root against them, but they aren’t in town that week, so Flyers fans are saved from that particular Hurricanes fan. Since I’m going to need to work off all the food I eat with Molly, I’m going to follow Kathy on her other must-do: run up “The Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Do you have any Philly must-dos? Stop by the NoveList station at the EBSCO booth and let us know. Of course, we’re always happy to talk books with you, too!


Jennifer Lohmann is a NoveList Consultant. 


Comment from TRACIE BURNS on March 16, 2018

One of our favorite places near the Convention Center: Yamitsuki Ramen delicious ramen and sushi.

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