June 13, 2018

Celebrating NoveList Contributors

Did you know that from its founding, NoveList has relied on the knowledge and expertise of working librarians to offer the best readers' advisory resources possible? Noted readers' advisors like Neal Wyatt, Joyce Saricks, and Barry Trott were instrumental in refining and improving the original version of the product we all know and love. The work didn't end when NoveList launched -- to this day we depend on the writing of our contributor family. They supply read-alike recommendations, offer insight into readers' advisory conundrums, provide helpful tips and tricks, share library success stories, and more.

If you've poked around NoveList at all, you've probably noticed the read-alike recommendations, lists, and articles are attributed to actual people. We do this to emphasize that the information we share comes from experts. These experts are making readers’ advisory connections and providing information designed to help you do your job better. Some of those people are staff members here at NoveList HQ, but many are librarians or avid readers who spend some of their free time writing for NoveList

book recommendation by a contributor

Contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences; we have public librarians, school librarians, academic librarians, authors, teachers, professors, and more. All we ask is that they bring with them a passion for connecting readers with their next good book and a willingness to share their knowledge with readers.

Our writing opportunities range from short, 40-word read-alike recommendations to book discussion guides to long-form articles about topics of interest to librarians and readers and beyond. Our pay ranges, depending on the type of content you’re creating and the demand for it in NoveList. 

We are always looking for people who want to join our contributor team; whether you are new to librarianship, a veteran of the field, or someone who simply loves books and reading, we welcome your interest. We are always looking for a diverse and inclusive group of writers. Individuals from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are especially encouraged to reach out.


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Halle Eisenman is the Content Development Manager at NoveList and writes the Club Scene newsletter for the Book Squad.

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