June 21, 2017

Celebrate with pride (and a good book!)

Happy pride month! Every June, we celebrate the LGBTQIA community and honor the 1969 Stonewall Riot that galvanized the movement for civil rights that continues to this day. Here at NoveList we like to celebrate with books. So how can we help you find something to read?

You can always start with reading about Stonewall or similar demonstrations.  Try this search:

(SU Stonewall Riots, New York, N.Y., 1969) OR (SU Gay resistance and revolts) 

Or if you’re interested in the LGBTQIA civil rights movement of the sixties, you could search:

(SU 1960s) AND (SU Gay* OR SU Lesbian* OR SU Trans*)

Keep in mind that these searches will return fiction and nonfiction at all age levels, so feel free to filter your search using the options on the left.

Now, if you want to take a broad look at what’s available in NoveList, let’s start with our some of our Nonfiction genres that will help you hone in on LGBTQIA-related materials. Try the following searches:

GN History writing—LGBTQIA

GN Society and culture—LGBTQIA

GN Life stories—Identity—LGBTQIA

GN Family and Relationships—LGBTQIA

You can browse through the results you find with just these headings, or combine them with a subject search. For example, if you’re interested books about marriage equality, you might try:

(GN Society and culture LGBTQIA[JL3] ) AND (SU same sex marriage)

It may be tempting to use lots and lots of subjects, but that can really limit your results. It’s usually a good idea to start broad and then narrow your results. 

Of course we have plenty of fiction too!  Here are our LGBTQIA genres for fiction:

GN LGBTQIA fiction

GN LGBTQIA romances


Love historical fiction? Try GN historical fiction AND GN LGBTQIA fiction. Love historical romance? Try GN historical romances AND GN LGBTQIA romances. Science fiction featuring gay and lesbian characters? We’ve got you covered with GN Science fiction AND GN LGBTQIA fiction. Or try GN Science fiction AND (SU gay* OR lesbian* OR trans*)

You can also use the appeal term LGBTQIA diverse to find juvenile material across the genres.

If you’ve got no time to search, check out our latest LGBTQIA carousels for reading suggestions! You’ll find forthcoming titles, award winners and more. From the NoveList homepage click Adults under the Browse Genres section. At the next screen use the New and Popular in…drop-down menu to select LGBTQIA fiction.

LGBTQIA books carousel

And finally, if you’re looking for more suggestions on making your library a welcoming and safe place for LGBT youth, check out our blog post on the topic.

Christine Wells is a Metadata Librarian at NoveList. 

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