June 6, 2017

Build a better world this summer

Each year, librarians anxiously await to hear what this year's Collaborative Summer Library Theme (CSLP) will be. Some themes are easy to grab hold of, like the 2016 theme of "On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!" (sports fiction) or the very first theme created in 1987, "Paws at Your Library" (animals). This year's theme, Build a Better World, is a little more abstract and open to interpretation. It could mean so many things, from activism to construction to technology or engineering.

With the wide variety of options available, finding books and programming ideas that fit the theme can be challenging. What kind of searches should you do in NoveList?  You asked for it; you got it -- a variety of resources to help you have a great summer without the sweat.

Search and you will find

You can find all content, including lists and articles that match the summer reading theme by searching for the current theme. Want to try it? Search for “Build a Better World” in a NoveList search box and click on the Lists & Articles tab. You can do this each year -- even as the theme changes. 

Go to the next level

Are you getting the same requests over and over again? NoveList creates Search Strategies to help you navigate our database like a pro. Our newest strategy shows how to find books and great ideas to support summer reading. We have other search strategies, too. Be sure to check out the whole list, especially the audiobook strategy, and help those parents struggling to find a book the whole family can enjoy during a road trip.

Help parents

The end of the traditional school year and summer reading sign-up means parents will be at the library asking for your advice in keeping their child’s to-read pile bountiful. This video was created with parents in mind and is chock-full of easy searches they can do in NoveList to find reading choices that kids will love. Use it one-on-one or even at a library program with a larger audience. Bookmark it for easily use later.  

Book Squad freebies

Are you signed up for NoveList Book Squad's KidLit Connection or TeenLit Connection? If not, subscribe now. You'll find free printable bookmarks featuring this year's theme and more. If you're not already signed up but still want to snag the bookmarks, check out the archived issue

We made the video, search strategy, and added the theme information because customers like you asked for it. Got other suggestions for the NoveList staff? Send us your feedback!

Lindsey Dunn is an Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList. She's a kidlit expert and creates resources for all the librarians out there grappling with keeping up with what books kids are reading. Want to hear more from her? Sign up for Lindsey's Book Squad email updates.

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