November 28, 2016

All wrapped up: A look back at 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, and we start moving forward into 2017, it’s good to pause and reflect on all the great things about the year we’re leaving behind. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular lists, blog posts, and all kinds of great stuff from NoveList and LibraryAware from 2016.

Top 10 most searched titles in NoveList

Books for teens and older kids ruled in 2016, but readers of all ages love these titles! These were the 10 most searched titles in NoveList:

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  2. The Hunger Games
  3. Wonder
  4. Maybe a Fox
  5. Salt to the Sea
  6. Booked
  7. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  8. The Sword of Summer
  9. The Maze Runner
  10. The Fault in Our Stars

Top 5 Keeping Up... pages

The Keeping Up... genre pages in NoveList deliver all the important info you need on understanding popular genres and help you better pinpoint books readers will love. Find all the Keeping Up... pages in NoveList by entering UI 440110 in the search bar. These were the top 5 most accessed this past year:

  1. YA Lit
  2. Mystery
  3. Historical Fiction
  4. Biography and Memoir
  5. Romance

Top 5 Recommended Reads lists for Adults

NoveList users were really looking for the best of the best in 2016. Check out all our Recommended Reads lists by looking on the right-hand side of the NoveList home page.

  1. Best Fiction A-Z 2016
  2. Best Historical Fiction 2016
  3. Best Mysteries 2016
  4. Best Thrillers and Suspense 2016
  5. Getting Cozy

Top 5 Recommended Reads lists for Teens

Dystopias and romance ruled for teens this year:

  1. Dystopias
  2. Contemporary Teen Romance
  3. Best Teen Fiction 2016
  4. If You Like... The Hunger Games
  5. Fantasy Romance

Top 5 Recommended Reads lists for Older Kids

Older kids were looking for a laugh (or several):

  1. Laugh Out Loud
  2. Best Older Kids Fiction 2016
  3. Boy Adventurers
  4. Mystery Stories
  5. If You Like... Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Top appeal browse combos

Many readers enjoy books with a certain "mood," and appeal browse is a great way for them to find their next great read. Here are the combos those readers found most intriguing in 2016:

  1. Amusing and engaging
  2. Action-packed and suspenseful
  3. Authentic and ability diverse
  4. Moving and sympathetic
  5. Quirky and offbeat

Top 10 blog posts

Our blog got a facelift earlier this year, and readers couldn't get enough of the inspiration and ideas for improving readers' advisory services:

  1. Steal this idea: read and share a poem on the poet-tree
  2. Linked data: what is it and why should you care
  3. Binge-worthy reads for fans of stranger things
  4. Readers advisory: go with the flow
  5. Get all your staff involved in doing RA
  6. Keeping up with new and forthcoming books
  7. Wish I’d known… about the power of personal folders in NoveList
  8. Newsletters we love
  9. Readers' advisory? Yes, you can!
  10. Seven fabulous RA ideas (that anyone can do)

Our top 5 favorite ready-to-go LibraryAware designs

These LibraryAware designs got a lot of love this year!

  1. Great books help you understand
  2. Sinister Sisters
  3. For fans of Stranger Things
  4. Teen fiction for fans of Game of Thrones
  5. Summer Shorts

What were some of your favorite things from NoveList this year? Let us know!

Cassi Hall is the Communications Specialist at NoveList.


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